This Film Was Inspired By A Guy Measuring His Manhood With A Comb

"33 Teeth" was the first short I’ve ever produced in 2010 and is now available online via huffingtonpost. Evan Roberts, 33’s wonderfully talented writer/director, and I took the film to Slamdance my junior year of college and I’m still thrilled every time we receive news about the project.

Considering my last blog update on Tumblr was posted May 2012 (as 33 Teeth was playing the Seattle Int’l Film Festival..) here are some updates on my collaborations with Evan:

We filmed our second short “Yeah, Kowalski!” in January of 2011, two weeks before departing for Slamdance. This film has since enjoyed a spectacular festival run among brilliant festivals such as Frameline, Sarasota, Dallas Int’l, Amsterdam, Inside Out, deadCENTER, Sidewalk, and New Orleans. Peccadillo Films selected Kowalski to distribute with seven other fantastic LGBTQ shorts for BOYS ON FILM X and is available for purchase on Amazon.

Evan has been working on a hybrid documentary following sixteen-year-old Austinite Arvind. Arvind’s mother- a first generation immigrant from India- was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and depression. During a bitter divorce trial from Arvind’s father, she attempted to poison Arvind, 3, and his older brother Arjuna, 6, as well as herself.

After 12 years Arvind’s mother was released from prison and attempted to contact her sons. The brothers brought her to court and succeeded in securing a life-long protective order against her. In response, Arvind wrote a play called MOMMY with his mother as the main character. The documentary ARVIND follows his life during this process.

Evan and Arvind are on Day 16 of their Kickstarter for ARVIND the documentary. They have received fabulous support and impressively met their $10k goal in the first week. They still need help meeting their stretch goals to cover the never ending cost of making a film and a play, so please visit their Kickstarter site to learn more about the project:


33 Teeth | 2012 Seattle International Film Festival | Evan Roberts | USA Films

33 Teeth, Evan’s first film to direct and my first film to produce, will be making it’s Seattle debut!

Formosa, TX

This is the latest short I’m incredibly excited about producing!

We’re going to be shooting in Marfa, Texas, a wonderful small town about 8 hours from any major city. It’s a charming small town with wonderful folks and amazing artists, I highly recommend a visit. It’s also the perfect fit for our story:

Formosa, TX is the story of Lon, a first generation Asian-American growing up in a small outpost town helping his mother run the family diner.  Without a sense of belonging, he seeks connection with a world outside of his own.  As passengers off a broken down bus enter the diner to wait out the repair, Lon’s mother spies an opportunity to make some badly needed extra income while Lon sees an opportunity to make a more personal connection pitting one against the other in a clash of culture, generations and family.

Grilled cheeses and food sharks.

Grilled cheeses and food sharks.

Back in it

Back in Austin and it’s like Park City never happened. On to 3 new projects and attempting to graduate from college this semester. Please keep your seat belts fastened.

Last weekend I made the long haul to Marfa with the director of a new short I’m quite excited to be working on. It’s pretty much an artsy, hippy community in the middle of nowhere and thus the best small town - ever. The folks were incredibly helpful and so we found pretty much everything in one weekend - locations, lodging, catering, extras, done. Can’t wait to go back and continue to work on pre-production.

My second project is an undergraduate thesis film that I also feel has strong potential. The next two days we’ll be casting, and hopefully this weekend will be location scouting for isolated cabins around the Hill Country. I love working in film.

Shorts People | Austin Amplified

Here’s a little write-up from Austin Amplified senior editor Sarah Thurmond. Thanks at least for the honesty, Sarah.

Evan and I just before we realized we’d been standing in the wrong line for a film for half an hour.

Evan and I just before we realized we’d been standing in the wrong line for a film for half an hour.

Cosmo has been keeping my feet warm while in Park City.

Cosmo has been keeping my feet warm while in Park City.

There’s No Sleeping on Opening Night at Sundance!

Well, contradictory to my blog title, that might be exactly what I end up doing. Mostly because I’m attending the Park City festivals for Slamdance, which doesn’t have opening parties until tomorrow. Didn’t get much sleep our first night in town since my body decided to experience a small bout of altitude sickness. Is there a solution to that? Drinking lots of water? Anybody??

After a delicious breakfast from Kim (they have Einstein’s Bagels here!!) Evan and I managed to answer emails and get out of the house by noonish to make it to registration at Slamdance headquarters at the Treasure Mountain Inn. Lesson learned during registration - probably shouldn’t crack jokes about bankruptcy when Kodak is a sponsor.. It was all in good humor, I swear! We even shot our film on Kodak stock..

Met some wonderful folks today - fellow filmmakers, festival programmers, Kodak reps, etc. Ran into fellow Austinites along Main Street and had delicious fish ‘n chips at a local brewery. Note to self - heavy meals are only going to make you feel more sleepy after staying up all night!! Eating salads with a desert will compensate for a heavy meal, right?

Looking forward to setting up a schedule and watching some great films! Our first Slamdance screening for 33 Teeth is tomorrow at 3pm in the Gallery Screening Room at Treasure Mountain Inn. Excited and nervous!?!

Texas Shorts Invade Sundance

A short article from Slackerwood author Don Clinchy - Thanks for the great write-up about Texas shorts in Park City!